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NETwork Magazin

Magazyn dla naszych Klientów do pobrania w wersji angielskiej

NETwork magazin 2016

  • The versatile s 45 panel dividing saw from Schelling is designed for the extremely efficient sawing of complex panel elements. Ambitious and creative artisans can use it to create mitres quickly and with high precision.
  • The bath furnishings manufacturer Heibad relies on the state-of-the-art technology of the IMA Network for its production.
  • Priess & Horstmann presents the compact, electronically controlled CNC throughfeed machine BAT-SAX-CNC, a drilling and milling centre designed especially for the order-based batch size 1 production of front, side and bottom elements.
  • With the NOVIMAT Compact, the smallest NOVIMAT edge gluing machine from the IMA portfolio, ambitious artisan companies are well equipped to meet the challenges of increasing material diversity, high quality Standards and productivity.
  • So that customers of the IMA Network can operate their machines with maximum efficiency and reliability, we support them with competent and convenient services.

NETwork magazin 2015

  • The new is1 sets standards: Schelling presents the logical development of batch size 1 technology at LIGNA. Unequalled flexibility, precision and cleanliness.
  • The versatile BAT-SAX-CNC for batch size 1 production: The latest development from Priess & Horstmann, BAT-SAX-CNC, was developed for batch size 1 production of furniture elements. The diversity of this machine allows its use in all areas of furniture production for the execution of virtually all drilling, milling and dowelling processes.
  • Fully automated production for process reliability: IMA Klessmann is a technological leader in the development and manufacture of reliable, networked systems for small and large series as well as batch size 1 production in the woodworking industry and craft sector.

iMagazin 02/2014

  • New Managing Director
  • Primeway/USA invests in IMA Technology
  • fm Büromöbel converts from mass production to batch size-1-production
  • IMA Service: Seminar for dual study course Wood Technology
  • Sanipa invests in flow production
  • 19 new apprentices at IMA

iMagazin 01/2014

  • 23 REHAU-Edge Symposium at IMA
  • Batch size 1 production in Brazil
  • BIMA GX30 with gluing technology
  • Countertop Manufacturing at Topstar / Italy
  • Perfect finishing with AEK
  • Powerful and compact: Performance.CUT
  • 1 Service Tag at IMA Italia
  • IMA Asia successfully in Malaysia

iMagazin 01/2013

  • IMA production equipment for doors
  • Assmann Büromöbel (Melle / Germany) is investing in new plant technology
  • Perfect high gloss edges in stationary technology
  • Acrylic fronts with glass look
  • Performance.cut - reduce cutting costs
  • Service Platform 2.0 with new functions
  • Ligna 2013
  • Advantage - the finest edge processing
  • An all-rounder for stationary machining: BIMA Gx30

iMagazin 01/2012

  • New moving gantry BIMA Gx series
  • Assmann fabricates its office furniture using the IMA Laser Edging process
  • Imab Group relies on IMA Know-how
  • FLÖTOTTO banks on lot-size-1-systems
  • IMA service: Retrofit
  • New IMA office in Guangdong

iMagazin 02/2011

  • IMA service: the expert system - the new IMA Maintenance Manager
  • Contour trimming units for top quality
  • IMAGIC the flexible IMA drilling system
  • China: QuanU Furniture now works with IMA high-tech technology
  • IMA America: Foliot Furniture builds new production plant in Las Vegas
  • IMA back on the Australian market

iMagazin 01/2011

  • Ligna 2011
  • Three partners – one concept
  • Seamless edge banding with IMA Plasma Edging
  • IMA celebrates its anniversary
  • Priess & Horstmann: innovative solutions for batch-size one production
  • Schelling: Rapid Evolution in Panel Dividing Saws